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Presentation of Skiathos

Skiáthos, the most cosmopolitan island in the Northern Sporades, is truly a paradise on earth, with lush pine forests and crystal-clear azure waters.


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Tiny Skiathos is packed with pine forests, archaeological ruins, and—most importantly—beaches. Shed your inhibitions at the nudist Banana Beach or have a more modest sun session at Koukounaries, which is peppered with lively cafes. Sail around on a chartered catamaran, hike to the dramatic medieval ruins of Kastro and tap into your spiritual side at one of Skiathos many monasteries.

  • Beaches

    One island, 66 beautiful beaches. It’s fair to say the Greek Island of Skiathosis a sun-worshipper’s paradise. And at only 12km long and around 6km wide the bounty of beaches here come thick and fast – there’s literally a new one to discover around every corner. If sand (and pebbles) on the island of Skiathos. The beach, fellow beach-lovers, is this way…

  • Nightlife

    Holidays in Greece are associated with idyllic landscapes on beautiful islands. But when in Greece, one thing will also be unforgettable: the nightlife! Greeks know how to have fun and enjoy partying at night sometimes until early in the morning. Be prepared to experience the best parties and music events on Skiathos! Yet the island is not only parties at clubs with buzzing dance music. Do you prefer quieter nights near the seaside with cocktails and soft music? Almost everywhere on Skiathos, there are bars and clubs for every taste. The bars and clubs on the island play all sorts of music, from mainstream pop to alternative rock and jazz music. For more folk Greek nights, you could try “bouzoukia” where you can listen to folk and popular Greek music. As most clubs in Greece don’t open before midnight, we suggest that you have a laid-back attitude and go out […]

  • Daily Sailing

    ‘Sail the Day’ in Skiathos Greece! Small-group day sailing trips during summertime with our sailing charter boat in the beautiful waters of the Sporades Islands in the Northern Aegean Sea. A day sailing cruise is a unique holiday experience and an ideal way to explore an area from a different perspective. During the excursion, you will enjoy the activities of sailing, snorkeling and taste a delicious and plentiful meal on the boat! A private booking where only you, your family and/or your friends are on board, with the possibility of a custom-made excursion based on your specific needs and desires, is also an option. Skiathos has about 45km (27 miles) of coastline. Many of the more remote and beautiful beaches scattered along this coastline can only be reached by boat. Hire a sailboat or yacht to take you around the island. You can spend time out on the open water, relaxing, eating […]

  • Food

    Greece is one of the top destinations for food lovers and those who want to taste quality Mediterranean food with unique flavours. Skiathos in particular is a foodie’s paradise as there is something for everyone on the island. There is a variety of restaurants both for the budget conscious and the gourmet lovers. Tasting the local cuisine is also a must as you will find a lot of traditional products of Skiathos, carefully produced by the locals with the purest ingredients the nature of the island has to offer. The island is well-known for its traditional macaroon biscuits, called ‘amygdalota’ from the Greek word for almond, and its “spoon sweet”. It is definitely worth trying Skiathos pies, particularly the local version of herb pie – in Greek, ‘hortopita’. For lunch or dinner, walk along the old harbour of Skiathos and choose one of the many restaurants to be found in this area […]

  • Fashion stores

    Skiathos is well known for its beaches, however there are also varied shopping options in Skiathos town. Along Papadiamantis street, you’ll find boutiques and shops that sell clothing, jewelry and souvenirs. There are many other touristy souvenir shops located around Skiathos town. You can also buy handmade gifts at the Monastery of Panagia Evangelistria. The cosmopolitan old town of Skiathos is the perfect place for shopping. There are many tourist shops, clothes and shoes shops, but also a great variety of small shops with local art and items. Stroll along the narrow paved streets of the Old Town, located above the port of Skiathos, and visit elegant mansions, which have been turned into lovely stores with all kinds of antiques, collectibles, and high quality local products. Many shops can be found along Papadiamantis street, ranging from designer boutiques to handmade jewellery and souvenir shops. The majority of the shopping venues stay […]

  • Souvenirs

    People who visit Greece always want to take small souvenirs back home, either to treat their friends and family or to remember their journey and the amazing time they had in the country. Whether you prefer your souvenir to be food, clothes or a small art piece, Greek shops can satisfy every taste, even if you’re travelling on a small budget.

Skiathos is among the most popular islands of Greece. Famous for the golden beaches, the green nature and the vivid atmosphere, Skiathos Greece is a favourite destination for both youth and families