Greece is one of the top destinations for food lovers and those who want to taste quality Mediterranean food with unique flavours. Skiathos in particular is a foodie’s paradise as there is something for everyone on the island. There is a variety of restaurants both for the budget conscious and the gourmet lovers. Tasting the local cuisine is also a must as you will find a lot of traditional products of Skiathos, carefully produced by the locals with the purest ingredients the nature of the island has to offer. The island is well-known for its traditional macaroon biscuits, called ‘amygdalota’ from the Greek word for almond, and its “spoon sweet”. It is definitely worth trying Skiathos pies, particularly the local version of herb pie – in Greek, ‘hortopita’.

For lunch or dinner, walk along the old harbour of Skiathos and choose one of the many restaurants to be found in this area serving both continental cuisine and traditional Greek food. You should definitely try the freshly caught fish and seafood served in almost all the “tavernas” on the island. If you have a more cosmopolitan taste, there are many restaurants serving international dishes.

For grabbing a quick bite which will make you feel as full as possible, there are pizzerias and other fast food restaurants, but you should definitely taste the Greek “souvlaki” or “gyros”, especially if you aren’t familiar with the Greek fast food at all.  When visiting Skiathos, one thing’s for sure: You won’t go hungry!